Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day Trip to Nantes

Nantes is about a 40 minute train ride from Angers so we decided it would be a good day trip on Saturday. There were 11 of us that went to Nantes together. We went to the Chateau des ducs de Bretagne (Castle of the Dukes of Brittany). The weather was beautiful when we first arrived so it was really nice walking around the Chateau.

We also went to the St. Pierre Cathedral.

Nantes is well known for French butter cookies (similar to shortbread cookies) called Petit Beurre biscuits. I think they're pretty popular in France, but they originated in Nantes, so of course we had to try them! They were delicious! We walked around town for a little while and all went our separate ways for lunch...and then it started raining! We did a little shopping indoors and then went to the Musee d'histoire de Nantes (History Museum) which is located in one of the buildings within the Chateau. It was really interesting! Much better than I was expecting...They had this short video in the beginning of the museum that was really cool. It's hard to explain, but it kind of looked like someone was painting a picture as the video was playing. Here are some pics..

After we got home from Nantes I went to a place called Soft Bar with the Finnish girls. If you howl like a wolf, your beer is only 2 euros (I think it's normally 3). I wasn't drinking beer so I didn't howl. If I get a beer the next time we go, I'll make sure to let you know how the howling goes haha
Sunday was the USA v. Canada gold ice hockey game so a bunch of us watched that. USA lost...the Finnish girls were very happy! lol

***If anyone has any ideas of something I could make for 20+ people, let me know! We have a stovetop, but no oven...

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  1. fluffer nutters for all your friends??? or, seriously, isn't your dad's favorite sandwich - chicken, peppers, feta?, yummy sauce, etc.