Friday, February 26, 2010

"I think chocolate is healthier for you than vodka"

(You must read further for the explanation to the title of this blog)
This week I went to the English Library in Angers and I have contacted a couple people who want help with their English. I'm going to help them with English and in return they're going to help me with my French. Wish me luck...teaching & learning! lol

Thursday we had a crepe dinner party for most of the group + some more. Henna went home this past weekend to Finland and she brought back some of her favorite Finnish chocolate for us to try. It was delicioussss. Afterwards we went out to a new bar. It was fun as always!

Henna and I with Karl Fazer chocolate from Finland

Me and Katja

Me and Stiina

Tonight was the USA v. Finland Ice Hockey match! We attempted to find a bar that we could watch it at, but there is a rugby tournament going on that dominated all public tv's. We ended up watching it live on a computer. All the commentary for the game was in Finnish..I thought it was cool. There were 10 of us in Cahal's room. 10! I have to post pictures of my room soon so you'll understand how crazy it would be to have 10 people in a room...watching a computer. There were 4 of us from Orlando, 2 from Texas, 1 from Indonesia and 3 of the Finnish girls watching the game. The girls got very frustrated with the game (it was 6-0 USA for awhile)and would yell in Finnish. They reminded me of myself during Gator games..except they don't cry when they lose. haha.. When the game ended Stiina decided it would be a good idea to eat nutella to make her feel better so she smoothered a banana in nutella and after one bite she said she felt better already. As you can imagine, we get along very well! :) While we were drowning ourselves in Nutella, Stiina said "I think chocolate is much healthier for you than vodka" I guess it might be one of those "had to be there" moments, but we thought it was hilarious! It was completely random (we weren't even drinking, for those of you who are speculating!)

We're taking a day trip to Nantes tomorrow.
It's about a 45 minute train ride from Angers.
I can't wait!

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