Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Have You Ever Thanked The Sun Just For Shining?

Today was the first day that I haven't worn a scarf since I've been in France. It was ah-may-zing!! It was about 50 degrees, and the sun was shining!! We had French class from 9:30-10:50am and then we had a long break before our next classs. Me, Henna, Anna, & Katja went to Jerico's, which is a sandwich shop that was recommended to us by a guy who used to live in Angers. They have the BEST sandwiches EVER!! We bought our sandwiches and then ate lunch and enjoyed the sun on some steps by the river.
Walking to Jerico's

Henna, Me, and Katja eating lunch

Our 2nd class on the Loire Valley Castles was from 2:00-5:00pm. When we took a break halfway through, we convinced our professor to teach the rest of the class outside since the weather was beautiful! I think this is the first class that everyone stayed awake for!

fyi: the title of this post is from a Sister Hazel song called Change Your Mind :)

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