Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm just an American celebrating an Irish holiday in France...

Yesterday we had a new class called Marketing Wine Related Products. The professor is from England and is very nice. She laughs a lot though. Yes, I know laughing is wonderful, but she laughs a lot...a lot!! It's distracting! Henna & Katja counted how many times she laughed in a half hour...45 times!! She laughed 45 times in 30 minutes!! I think she may have been laughing because she was nervous. The class was 3 hours long so we took a break halfway through...when she came back from the break she said she was nervous to teach us, but once meeting us she wasn't nervous anymore, so I thought the laughing might calm down, BUT it DIDN'T!! She continued to laugh! I know that's not an awful trait to have, I'm actually laughing right now thinking about it...but it is a little distracting!!

During our second class we went on a field trip to the Musée de l'Ardoise (slate museum) with Monsieur Danion (everyone's favorite teacher). We were given a demonstration on how they cut/slice/chop slate. It was interesting, but we were at the museum for 2 and a half hours...slate is not that interesting.

Our guide, teaching us how to cut slate
Everyone wrote "Welcome!" (on the slate chalkboard) in their language! I love it!

Last night we went out to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Angers. It was a lot of fun!! I've never seen so many people out at night since I've been here. I found out that the French do celebrate St. Patty's Day, BUT they don't wear green!! There were a couple people wearing green, but for the most part they were in their normal, brown, or gray lol We went to James Joyce, an Irish Pub that we've been to a couple times. It was PACKED! We wanted Irish Car Bombs, but they didn't have any so we had Guiness. After hanging out there for awhile and listening to the French band play Irish music we walked to K'lypso (not an Irish Pub, but an Irish bartender) And they had Irish Car Bombs! It was my first time trying it..not too bad! I also tried the Irish Flag was just too pretty to pass up! After K'lypso we walked to another Irish Pub called Irishmore. There was also a band playing at this pub and it was also packed full of people! Many people...including our professor who is in charge of our exchange program. It was hard to find him at first because he's about 4 feet tall (like a leprechaun!..ok, that was mean lol) but it was funny running into him. He was drinking "apple juice" aka whiskey and he asked us if we could just pretend that we were at home sleeping and he was at home preparing for our class (that we had this afternoon) We took a picture with him that I would love to share with you, but it was taken on someone else's camera. I'll post it later.

James Joyce
Elizabeth, Aura, Kim, Stiina, and Me with our Guiness at James Joyce :)"Irish Flag" shots...they were so cute! I HAD to get one!

Tomorrow we're leaving at 6am to go on a field trip to the Loire Valley Castles. We're visiting many castles, and going to a chocolate factory :) We'll get back to Angers Saturday night.

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