Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Life in Angers...

Well I've been in Angers for almost a week...It's a little ridiculous the amount of paper work and errands we have to do to get settled in. I'll be happy when it's all done! Saturday night we went to a bar called K'lypso with pretty much the same group of people that went to the Irish Pub on Thursday. K'lypso was fun! They have a row of flavored syrups at the bar that they put in beer. It sounded so weird to me, so I had to try it! I got cherry flavoring in my beer (Kronenbourg) because I had heard it tasted good. It was actually really good! I was shocked! After the bar closed we all walked to a local park. The bartender from K'lypso and a couple other guys were playing guitar and singing. They played some American songs that everyone knew, so everyone was singing along. It was a lot of fun!

Monday was the first day of class. There are 5 girls from Finland, 2 girls from Sweden, 3 people from Indonesia, 3 people from Hong Kong, 1 from Hungary and a girl from Thailand. It was a lot of fun meeting everyone! I look forward to getting to know them better. My first class was Commercial Negotiation and my professor is German, it seems like it will be a very interesting class. I also had International Marketing. Although I'm usually interested in marketing, I'm not so sure that I'll love this class..we'll see! Today I had my French language class. The professor walked in and spoke French to us for the first 10 minutes. I'm so glad someone told me she was going to do that because I may have either wet my pants or cried! haha! I'm sure it will be a difficult class for me, but it will definitely help me while I'm here. After the French Language class I had Sports & Tourism. The professor seems pretty nice and I think I'll enjoy the class...I just wish she would add a lecture on the Gators :) Nothing else is new...just trying to get used to life in my cubicle haha :)

The 1st picture: some of the group before we headed to K'lypso.
The 2nd picture: on the bus...our main form of transportation in Angers
The 3rd picture: School...I take all of my classes in the far left building.

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