Friday, January 22, 2010

Hello World!

Well it's been a few days since I've posted something...we left Paris Wednesday and I haven't had internet access in my dorm room until this evening! So Wednesday morning we left our cute little apartment in Paris and headed to the train station. Our train ride to Angers was about an hour and wasn't too bad, but I was getting anxious about getting settled in my dorm. The reality of being in France for over 4 months hit me on the train. One of the study abroad professors for Universite d'Angers picked us up at the train station. He seems very nice! I think he will be teaching one or two of my classes. We got settled in our dorms and let me tell you! They are small! haha It reminds me of a cabin on a cruise! I can literally brush my teeth, go to the bathroom, and shower all at once! Don't worry I don't think I'll ever be doing that :) But I have a bed and my own bathroom so I can't complain! We met up with some other girls from UCF, a girl from Sweden, and a couple girls from Missouri to go on a tour of the campus. We are about a 20 minute bus ride from campus. We ended up being late so we missed the tour...oh well, it wasn't mandatory. We all went to a cafe and grabbed some food for dinner then headed back on the bus to go home. When we got back to the dorms some of us went to Shannon's room and watched Euro Trip because most of us had never seen it. I'm shocked that we were able to fit 8 people in a room...6 were squished together on the bed, and 2 on the floor!
Yesterday we met with the professor in charge of the hospitality study abroad program and he gave us some information and took us on a very short tour. We also opened accounts at a bank that is affiliated with Bank of America, some of the girls got phones for Europe, and we went grocery shopping. After we got back to the dorms we met up with some of the other exchange students. We went to an Irish Pub that some of the other students have been to before. We took the bus to the pub; there were probably 25 to 30 of us going! It was a lot of fun meeting everyone, they all seem very nice! It seems that the majority of exchange students are from the United States. I met people from Virginia, Louisiana, New York, and North Carolina. I also met a girl from Scotland, two girls from Sweden, and a girl from Argentina. The Irish Pub was a lot of fun! It was really crowded, there was a live band playing, and people were dancing on the reminded me of a scene from a movie! haha
Today we had a few things to do with school and the bank. We got our student id's and activated them and then we went back to the bank so they could make copies of our id's. We didn't have great timing running our errands because both places were closed for lunch. When we activated our id's at school we were able to login to the computers in the library. They have a different keyboard, so it was very interesting and awkward typing on it! We stopped at CarreFour on our way back home. It's very similar to a Sam's Club or Walmart. It is huge! When I got home tonight my internet was working!!! It was so exciting :) I'm going to try to get some sleep tonight. Tomorrow I think we're going in to town to do some shopping and actually walk around Angers and take pictures. We realized that we've been so busy running errands that we haven't been able to enjoy it! I know this post wasn't very exciting, but I promise to post pictures as soon as I take some in Angers :)

p.s. Every website is in French and when I translate it to English my last name becomes Fleming...haha :)

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